Prayer for England Day 158

The British cannot continue living in the past, we need, as a people to own our past by owning past deeds. If we cannot do this and have a corporate sense of responsibility based on our common humanity then we shall be led as successive British Governments have been led, into tinkering with consequences instead of addressing causes. As Russ Parker discusses in his book “Healing Wounded History” God’s agenda for healing includes the individuals needs but also the community or group stories which have gone into the making of us and by which we shape the world in which we live. Therefore the pattern for healing wounded group stories is listening to history.

In 1991 Rodney King was beaten by an unruly mob of police officers in Los Angeles which was the forerunner to the riots which killed 59 people. A well known minister made the connection that for so many people to become so upset and enraged had to do with unhealed personal stories, stories we all hold that tell the world who we are. We also hold our group stories that define our very being and inform people of who we are and where we have come from. Sometimes and more often these days people simply don’t want to understand the story that makes us who we are. The amount of people coming into Britain all with their unique stories and with their own definable group story holds a powerful energy which needs to have an outlet. 

The riots that plagued our nation last August is a prime example of how we as a nation have inherited the wounds of the world. These wounds are held together by a fabric of stories and histories that need to be told and heard. There are so many theories as to what happened in our nation last year but if our stories are not given substance or credit I fear that we have not seen the last of violent dissention in our nation.

The one group story that defines this nation and one that needs to be told is the story of the Jewish nation. This story is gaining momentum it has an energy which demands us to say “we’re sorry for turning our backs on you”. The reneging of the Balfour Treaty and the refusal to initiate a Jewish state is a crime that we have never been held accountable for. I continue to pray that this nation will submit to a spirit of national repentance and that we can at last honour God in pursuit of His glory.

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