Prayer for England Day 159

The 6 month prayer task which ends this month on 27th June is now entering its final days. I don’t know whether this has been a complete waste of time but it certainly has given me stamina for some of the things I feel called to do. I now have the incentive and drive to write every day which has really become a need to write, something  I feel completely at peace with. In fact I don’t think prayers are ever wasted which is something I regret feeling but my expectations were far higher when I first started than they are right now. I haven’t experienced the huge earth shattering answers to prayer that Bob did as explained in the very first blog back in December but there is still a part of me that believes God will use my words spoken to Him in faith.

This weekend is the 60th Jubilee of our Queen Elizabeth II reign as Monarch of this country and the commonwealth. Its fitting that I have been outlining the events that I believe have affected our nation and caused us to lose so much nationally and internationally with how we misguidedly  caused the pain and suffering of so many millions of Jewish people at the turn of the last century. As a nation we have never been held accountable and I feel this has saddened God’s heart which has affected how we have prospered as a nation. Just think if we did get it right where would we be as a nation now.

I believe our health service would be the envy of the world. I believe our educational system would be the envy of the world. I believe our banking system would be the envy of the world. I believe our  society and attitude towards those in genuine need would be the envy of the world. I believe our media and broadcasting abilities would be the envy of the world. I believe our children and young people would have held attitudes that would have been the greatest export for us as a nation. Sadly all the above is simply not true. I pray earnestly that we will continue being blessed and have God’s grace and mercy continuing to fall upon us. I pray for our undeserved blessing and favour of God to rest on this nation which is the only way forward at present for a nation so in need of God.  

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