Prayer for England Day 160

There was a time, particularly when I was younger when I lacked wisdom, that I despised the very nation that is my home. I’ve come to realise that by having those thoughts and being  angry about being a pawn in a much larger game was to discredit who I was as a person. Now, I think about things in a much deeper way. Instead of accepting my own lack in life I forgot to celebrate that I really was worth something. I am worthy only because God thought I was worth his one and only son dying on a wooden cross for me.

That is the personal acceptance of a God who made the universe. How privileged am I? We are all called to greatness and have the gifts within us to change the world in which we live. Personal insecurities and seeing the world through our own eyes instead of God’s is one of the biggest platforms we need to overcome. God has plans for us that no-one else can achieve because that’s how big God is; there is room for everyone. We are limited by our own thinking we take on issues that we think are achievable in our own strength. This is the mistake that most people make and forget that we have a God that is real and powerful and is capable of absolutely everything that is bigger than our own thinking.

To believe in God in my view is simply not enough, God is fiercely jealous of our love and so he should be his love for us surpasses imagination. To follow God in our lives is to fully accept that we cannot function without his acceptance and trust that we have eyes only for Him. I do not accept that Christianity is compatible with other beliefs, how can it be God can do anything we ask of him, why would we need anything else?

This past week has been incredibly exciting with the realisation that God has held our country in tact despite us failing his people nearly a hundred years ago. God is a gracious, merciful, abundant, righteous God that will continue to hold us in His hand. I pray that we can be a grateful people and continue loving him and hopefully we will fall repentant on our faces and ask of Him what will you have us do for you.

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