Prayer for England Day 161

In the landmark case of Engels v. Vitale in 1962 in the USA the supreme court made a decision to prohibit the start of a school day with prayer. For 15 years before 1963 pregnancies in girls ages 15 to 19 years had been no more than 15 per thousand. After 1963 pregnancies increased 187% in the next 15 years. For younger girls, ages 10 to 14 pregnancies since 1963 are up 553% and before 1963 sexually transmitted diseases among students were 400 per 100,000. Since 1963, they were up 226% in the next 12 years.

Before 1963 divorce rates had been declining for 15 years. After 1963 divorces increased 300% each year for the next 15 years and since 1963 unmarried people living together is up 353%, since 1963 single parent families are up 140%. Since 1963 single parent families with children are up 160%.

The educational standard of measure has been the SAT scores. SAT scores had been steady for many years before 1963. From 1963 they rapidly declined for 18 consecutive years, even though the same test has been used since 1941. In 1974-75 the rate of decline of the SAT scores decreased, even though they continued to decline. That was when there was an explosion of private religious schools. There were only 1000 Christian schools in 1965. Between 1974 to 1984 they increased to 32,000. That could have an impact if the private schools had higher SAT scores. In checking with the SAT Board it was found that indeed the SAT scores for private schools were nearly 100 points higher than state schools. In fact the scores were at the point where the state schools had been before their decline started in 1963 when prayer and Bible reading or instruction was removed from the schools.

Since 1963 violent crime has increased 544%. Illegal drugs have become an enormous & uncontrollable problem. The nation has been deprived of an estimated 30 million citizens through legal abortions just since 1973.

I have highlighted above the issues surrounding a country when prayer is taken out of the equation on a national level. The above relates only to the USA but if we consider that our country has also fallen to levels just as significant then it would appear we are in a bit of a pickle. The national anthem which I have to say was a delight to hear so many people singing over the past few days is in fact a prayer. Could it be that so many people refuse to sing this prayer of protection which has caused God to withdraw his hand from protecting our country? I feel there are many such theories to the judgement we are under but it certainly gives food for thought in light of my heart’s desire to see this country in repentance. Our appalling failure to honour God’s people after being given such an important role in facilitating a homeland for the Jewish nation is in my view the biggest common denominator for judgement over this land.

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