Prayer for England Day 162

I feel sure there are many people who have gone to the grave with the same dream in their heart that God placed there before they were born. The dream lies unfulfilled in the grave with the dream untouched and undeveloped and so having no effect on society or any person. That has to be one of the saddest things imaginable for the dream inside us never to be recognised nor have the potential to change the world in which we live. If the dream lies untouched but recognised then I fear that is something we would have to answer to God for because a dream is a gift and the fulfilling of it is the gratitude I believe God expects of his children.

I feel passionate about people recognising their dreams and for them to have the potential in catching the gift and turning it to Gold for His glory to be fulfilled in our lives. I also think nations are given dreams and this is a concept the world struggles to understand. The dream given to this nation is of a nation given to destiny that shares the gospel to the world. I think this has been partially fulfilled thus the reason we are blessed as a nation. I also feel there are times when we have got things terribly wrong and this is the reason I feel that we are struggling as a nation. The reason being that those in power and authority were given a mandate to facilitate a homeland to the Jewish nation and we failed God in this simple yet unfathomable politically complex task that sent over 2 million Jews to their deaths during World War II.

Why and how we got it wrong is understandable with a human viewpoint. Instead of trusting God we chose to build relationships with those that could give us oil. After the great wars had ended we were a nation that was broken and in pain, we needed to feel strong and we needed sustenance. We chose to believe that which we could see and understand with our own eyes.

I make it sound so simple and on one level it is; when things are so bad I can relate to not being able to trust God but with the more things God makes good in my life the more faith I have to trust Him for the next big thing. I pray for our nation to depend and relate to God in such a way that we will once again find our place in the vanguard of His desires to fulfil our eternal destiny that will change nations for Him.

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