Prayer for England Day 178

There is one week to go until this prayer task completes and I would have prayed for this country for exactly 6 months. How time flies when considering the works of God and becoming obedient to his still small voice deep within. I have to say this time has not been without its difficulties and challenges along the way. Sometimes life throws a few curved balls in your direction and it is with some inbuilt resilience learned from previous experiences that causes us to grow and have more of an emotional capacity to hold.

There is only one surety in this life and that is, our God is a fair, strong, resourceful and permanent fixture of safety. When things have become unpleasant and uncomfortable there is that overwhelming feeling and sense that nothing can harm us. I often wonder how people can survive without knowing there is a God that so loved the world he gave his one and only son to take the place of our sin and become the sin of the world. Jesus took the place for me personally and eradicated sin from existence; my past, present and future sin wiped clean. As some have mistakenly thought this is a licence to sin and in one respect it is but there are consequences of sin and this is not wiped away. I like to think that this is a licence to live a life of gratitude and not to be weighed down by mistakes I make because my God loves me unconditionally.

I pray that the church can wake up to this exciting reality and learn to listen to his still small voice and become active and ready to action his will for our lives and this country. I pray that the stories within us placed there by God can be played out in love and acceptance so that His will can be furthered so that we will be a nation that will lead the next move of God in this world.

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