Prayer for England Day 181

I am intrigued by the so called acceptable decisions made in the name of politics and how these decisions go unchallenged for so long that they have become part of a collective lie that we are all expected to believe and own. Rudy and Marny Pohl writing about their native Canada draw a remarkable conclusion to some heart felt realities about collective decision making.

When one of our provincial governments or federal government violates a treaty with a native group, we don’t call that sin. When pulp and paper companies and mining companies, with tacit government approval, knowingly continue to pollute rivers which native peoples depend on for drinking water, causing disease and premature death, we don’t call that sin. When constitutionally guaranteed French language and Catholic rights were illegally revoked by the newly-arrived English speaking majority, we did not call that sin. When the province of British Columbia, with wide-spread support of the Canadian people, dispossessed Japanese Canadian citizens in the 1940’s and sent them to internment and illegally sold their properties and possessions we didn’t call that sin.

                         A Matter of the Heart: Healing Canada’s Wounds by Rudy and Marny Pohl

Well sin it is and sin that needs to be owned and repented that will be the only way our nation can be turned around and fully prospered before God. As a member of this country it is up to me and others who agree with me to take the decision to apologise to those who have been negatively implicated in the outworking of these sinful acts. There are many victims and incidents that have been mentioned over the past 6 months on this site and many more that have not been mentioned. There are those that can identify with their own wounded history which can be both an individual or group experience. I continue to pray for a supernatural revelation to come upon this nation and to own and repent of this nations wounded history. I pray that we, as a nation, can once again  rise above the iniquities of the governments of yester-century and cause this nation to once again find it’s purpose before God.

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