Prayer for England Final Day

Well, we’re finally here, the last day of prayer for this nation or certainly the end of this particular exercise which started exactly 6 months ago. I had no idea where this would take me and when I started I simply prayed for whatever I saw in the news or whatever touched me personally. It wasn’t until I felt God give me some direction in prayer that I started to explore the reasons I believe this nation is in such a dark place.

I do have the conviction that we betrayed Israel first and foremost, but I also feel the evidence is there to take that belief further by saying we betrayed so many other nations and people. As I have said many times in the past 6 months we all have a story to tell which makes us unique as people. We are also a part of a group story and for me my group story is the fact I am a white English male and for no other reason I am spiritually betrothed as part of the problem that white English males have been guilty of in history. With the spirit of God I can decide to own that, and become aware of the harm done to so many by so few. I can continue in my repentant lifestyle to make amends for the historical wrongs that have attributed to the moral and political decline of our nation.

I guess it is the start of a continued life journey and by using the gifts my eternal Father has placed before me to address how we might turn around and make our paths straight towards the Father’s gaze and say Father we love you and we’re sorry what will you have us do?

I shall continue to blog on occasion but on differing subjects as they arise but for now this Prayer for England blog is closing. I shall of course update you as things arise and if any further answers to pray become evident.

Many Thanks for your encouragement and support.

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