Prayer for England Day 92

England can justifiably be described as the parent of anti-Semitism in the western world. Our politicians have an irrational ignorance of histories of past generations whilst our media have, what can only be described as, selective memory and an unrighteous desire to report a good story rather than the truth.  Israel has long been castigated and condemned for what has been described as acts of terrorism against the Palestinians. There is of course absolutely no evidence that Israel has acted with the intent of causing deliberate loss of life to women and children without provocation, and when this misfortune has occurred the fact that Hamas and the Palestinians have often placed women and children on the roofs of buildings that were housing terrorists, is always omitted from news reports. For some egregious reason the media never appear to report that rocket attacks have occurred on a near daily basis for more than a decade. Rockets fired randomly towards innocent Jewish communities which do kill and maim women and children have been a way of life for these communities for more time than is reasonable. This nation that failed Israel so long ago is continuing on a parallel road to destruction which it has become so acquainted, it appears it knows no other way.

In 2008/09 Operation Cast Lead saw Israel enter and bomb Gaza in order to put a stop to the incessant murder of the innocent, this caused world-wide outrage in the media. It would appear from a non-Jewish person’s point of view that the overwhelming and painful realisation that Britain has failed and has continued to fail Israel is so entrenched in the nation’s psyche that it projects its own sense of horror and pain onto the very nation it should be apologising to. Israel is fundamentally the nation that is and has always been victimized for reasons of historical faith based ideals that are poorly understood by those who are most likely to be the perpetrators of such turpitude. 

I continue to pray and intercede for this nation to own their past. I believe this is the only way forward for this nation to repent and surrender to our eternal Father so that our destiny is a reachable goal for His glory.

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